Visible Symptoms of Strategic Leadership

Ok, so we hear the words “strategic leadership“, and it all sounds like a good theory. However, for the pragmatists amongst us, what does it look like when it happens? My colleagues reviewed some examples of what we thought looked like strategic leadership. Common threads that appeared across these examples included:

  • There was a realization that something is not working or effective – not getting to mission/vision.
  • There was a desire & decision to do something different.
  • The change agent listened to the people with whom they worked.
  • The grass-roots implementation teams used new resources locally developed or locally appropriate.
  • The team leaders focused on results through the changes.
  • There was exposure/training/evaluation that led to change in thinking & action.
  • New pathways were established for fruitfulness.

If you see these things happening near you, then the chances are that the people overseeing them are leading strategically.

If you have other ideas of symptoms of Strategic Leadership, then please leave them in a reply for us to see.

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