Doing the Right Thing Or Doing Something Right?

How many times have you done something incredibly well only to discover that it was the wrong thing to have done in the first place?

Strategic Leadership is about causing an organization to do the right thing, rather than tactical leadership, which focusses on doing whatever you are doing the best way.

The engineers with whom I worked at Pirelli were collectively the brightest engineers with whom I worked anywhere. They all had doctoral degrees, and worked hand in hand with the primary researchers at Milan’s prestigious technical university. However, they sometimes invented products that used the most incredible technology, but that no-one was ever going to buy for other reasons. When this happens, millions of dollars of R & D expense can be wasted. This happened even though the accountants made sure that no-one overspent their budgets and the quality controllers ensured that the product always worked perfectly even though no-one would ever buy it.

Strategic leadership would have caused them to never have wasted their effort in the first place.

Do you know what the Vision and Mission of your organization are?

Given that Mission, are you doing the right thing to achieve the Vision, or are you just doing the wrong thing incredibly well?

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