Responding to Major Trends in the Environment

To most effectively accomplish a vision it is necessary to understand the environment in which that vision will exist. The Vision of CCCI is that there will be spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follow Jesus. This presentation (in PDF here) summarizes the key trends in the spiritual environment in which we hope movements will be started.

Key points that spring to mind when reviewing this data include:

  • Will strategies be appropriately balanced after the Chinese population growth flattens?
  • Do our strategies address urban populations sufficiently?
  • Are we positioning city strategies for the mega-cities of 2050, or the large cities of today?
  • There is an unprecedented period of political freedom now. Are we capitalizing on it?
  • Are we giving the appropriate emphasis to the mobile phone as a communications medium?
  • The non-religious demographic is the only “religion” with growth increasing. Are we positioned to address that growing demographic?
  • The biggest job is not reaching the unreached but witnessing to people who have already heard the gospel at least once.
  • China, India and Africa will be have the most evangelical populations in 2050: are we prepared for them to send the greatest number of missionaries in 2050?

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