Want to attend yet another meeting?

Want another meeting? I’m sorry to day that is exactly what the 4th of the 4 Disciplines of Execution is.

So, is this optional?

No. This is not just another meeting. This is THE meeting each week to ensure that progress is being made on the single most important issue for the team. The Wildly Important Goal of which this meeting is the subject is the thing that, at the end of the year is THE one thing that must happen, even if all other things don’t happen. If anything is to be achieved this year, then the subject of this meeting is it.

Why would anything else be more important than the most important thing that needs to be achieved by the team? Of all of the meetings that you could attend or host this week, this is the ONE meeting that is the MUST.

Could these meetings be monthly? Yes, they could. However, if this WIG is the one thing that must happen this year, why would you want to wait a month before finding out that nothing had happened on this goal for the last month?

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